Dog boss in conference

Sensing a lack of respect from the team? Feeling that no one is listening? Consider building your executive presence. Remember at least one detail about each person on your team. Write them down if necessary. People like it when you remember something about them. Their kids, their favorite car, a mutual like for wine. Ask…

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Resiliency – Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Dog imposter syndrome

Feeling insecure about your abilities? Worried they might “find you out?” Follow these steps to overcome impostor syndrome. ​Visualize success. Build confidence by visualizing your success. Recall the times when you were successful. Now picture yourself accomplishing the task at hand. What do people say to you? How do you respond? What actions do you…

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Resiliency – Become a Lifelong learner

Resiliency man with a computer on his head

Feeling stuck in your career? Perhaps a lack of opportunity to grow? Recharge your career by becoming a lifelong learner. You’ve devoted years if not decades to honing your craft. But as you gain competency, you can also gain complacency. To maintain your edge, commit to becoming a lifelong learner in your profession or trade.…

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