Build your social resiliency

circle of friends

Want to improve your social resiliency? Build a strong circle of friends. You could be a person with many relationships. Or just a few. It’s up to you. For me, it’s a wife, three children, a grade school best friend, and two neighbors who have every tool known to man, not to mention the ones…

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Build your personal resiliency

positive affirmations

Want to develop some personal resiliency? Start with saying nice things to yourself. An old Japanese proverb says, don’t say unkind things about yourself, for your inner warrior will hear you. Make no mistake. You are a warrior, so talk nice to yourself. Your inner warrior, in turn, will protect you. Avoid self-criticism. Replace negative…

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Gains resilinecy

Feeling the need for strength and stamina? In April, let’s look at building ourselves up. Begin with physical resilience. Treat yourself as though you are someone worth taking care of. Health professionals are the worst at taking care of themselves. They skip annual physicals. They ward off aches and pains. They self-medicate or don’t finish…

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