Anxiety – Name it!

A Child in a Dinosaur Cardboard Box Costume

What to get a handle on anxiety? Consider naming it! Anxieties, if left unchecked, can own us. Sleepless nights. Nagging thoughts. Hours of worry that zap our and creativity. It’s like paying a debt that you don’t even owe. But you can stop anxiety. Stop it dead in its tracks. Naming the cause of your…

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Emotional Intelligence – Positive Influence

A man wearing headphones while speaking on a mic in front of a phone

Do you have positive influence? Consider this: can you get others to do what’s best for themselves and the organization? If so, you may have that special knack for exerting positive influence over the people around you. Positive influence is about making your people feel secure and supported enough to solve their own problems. It’s…

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Emotional Intelligence – Authenticity

A person in a zebra headdress and zebra print shirt hiding behind grass with a yellow background

How authentic are you when it comes to showing your emotions? A Japanese proverb says you have three faces. The first you show to the world. The second you show to your close friends and family. The third you show to no one. But to be an emotional intelligent person, you need to share your…

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