What is an “Idle Warrior?”

a Cheerful Business woman Reading Document

An idle warrior is a retired professional or subject matter expert who has not yet found his or her niche. College professors, lawyers, doctors, small business owners, healthcare workers, even journeyman electricians. They have devoted lifetimes of care and practice to their skills to such an extent they become expert warriors in their field. But…

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Let ’em vent!

The Airing of Grievances Meme With a Man in a Sweater

Do you know a coworker or colleague bitten by the “burnout bug”? Let ’em vent! Sometimes giving someone the opportunity to tell you their troubles is the best medicine. Venting allows them to blow off steam. It allows them to get all their negative emotions out of their system and on the table. Once that’s…

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Anxiety – Name it!

A Child in a Dinosaur Cardboard Box Costume

What to get a handle on anxiety? Consider naming it! Anxieties, if left unchecked, can own us. Sleepless nights. Nagging thoughts. Hours of worry that zap our and creativity. It’s like paying a debt that you don’t even owe. But you can stop anxiety. Stop it dead in its tracks. Naming the cause of your…

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Emotional Intelligence – Positive Influence

A man wearing headphones while speaking on a mic in front of a phone

Do you have positive influence? Consider this: can you get others to do what’s best for themselves and the organization? If so, you may have that special knack for exerting positive influence over the people around you. Positive influence is about making your people feel secure and supported enough to solve their own problems. It’s…

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Emotional Intelligence – Authenticity

A person in a zebra headdress and zebra print shirt hiding behind grass with a yellow background

How authentic are you when it comes to showing your emotions? A Japanese proverb says you have three faces. The first you show to the world. The second you show to your close friends and family. The third you show to no one. But to be an emotional intelligent person, you need to share your…

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Emotional Intelligence – awareness of others

A woman trying to look into another woman’s hand-covered face

How aware are you of the emotions of the people around you? “Awareness of others” is the skill of perceiving the way others feel. Emotions show up in others’ facial expressions, body language, and tones of voice. If we pay more attention, we become more attuned with how people are feeling. This skill is about…

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Emotional Intelligence – Developing Self-Awareness

Colorful balls with different facial expressions

How aware of your emotions are you? Our emotions influence how we think and perceive. Sometimes, they emerge in ways we do not intend. They show up in our tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. Our emotions influence our behavior. In turn, they impact the way we interact with others. “Emotional self-awareness” is…

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Emotional Intelligence – the story of one onion

A row of onions in soil

Having emotional intelligence helps you manage your emotions in healthy ways. But what happens if you lack it? Consider this story of the one onion too far. Some years ago, I decided to plant a small garden beside my house. My neighbor, a medical doctor, was the aggressive sort, always bragging about the latest tool…

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Build your social resiliency

circle of friends

Want to improve your social resiliency? Build a strong circle of friends. You could be a person with many relationships. Or just a few. It’s up to you. For me, it’s a wife, three children, a grade school best friend, and two neighbors who have every tool known to man, not to mention the ones…

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Build your personal resiliency

positive affirmations

Want to develop some personal resiliency? Start with saying nice things to yourself. An old Japanese proverb says, don’t say unkind things about yourself, for your inner warrior will hear you. Make no mistake. You are a warrior, so talk nice to yourself. Your inner warrior, in turn, will protect you. Avoid self-criticism. Replace negative…

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