Emotional Intelligence – Positive Influence

Do you have positive influence?

Consider this: can you get others to do what’s best for themselves and the organization? If so, you may have that special knack for exerting positive influence over the people around you. Positive influence is about making your people feel secure and supported enough to solve their own problems. It’s about spreading a “can do” attitude from top to bottom. Your influence may be one-on-one. It may be over a team. Or it could be with a national podcast or even through the political process.

How do we exert positive influence? Though our daily interactions with others. People get stressed. Sometimes they bring their problems to work. As a leader, it is your job to recognize when a team member is particularly burdened and to give that extra boost to get him back on track.

To do that, you should ask your troubled team member questions. Be specific. Ask him the best remedy for the situation. He may not know right away. But by talking it out, he may gain valuable insight.

Do something to show you care. Listen. Make a call on his behalf to a professional. Is the problem at work or home? If home, encourage him to leave early to sort things out. Drop off a meal in support. Even a small gesture, by you—a person of positive influence—will advance the cause. When your team member settles on a resolution, help reinforce it. Use positive words. Show you care. Check in days or weeks later to see how things are going. When future challenges come up, he will remember your support and be stronger for it.

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