New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Here’s how to make them stick.

Avoid self-criticism.

Didn’t quite reach all your 2021 goals? Reflection is good, but don’t criticize yourself too harshly. You’re human. Avoid self-criticism. Replace it with a positive affirmation. “I will succeed.”

Be specific.

Nothing advances a goal more than writing it down. But be specific. Don’t just write, “improve communication skills.” Instead, write, “prepare, practice, and present one solid idea at each team meeting.”

Use a calendar.

Avoid “to do” lists that never get done. Use a calendar―electronic or paper―instead. Map your day, week, and month in advance. Block off time to work on your goals. Let your calendar serve as a “to do” list and milestone keeper.

Take action.

Cut out bad habits that get in the way. Binging on Netflix? Save that for the weekend to free up the week. Take small steps to advance goals. Take those steps every day. Check them off as they get done.

Be accountable.

Track progress by using that calendar. Review weekly. Review monthly. Celebrate the small wins along the way.

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