Resiliency – Become a Lifelong learner

Feeling stuck in your career? Perhaps a lack of opportunity to grow?

Recharge your career by becoming a lifelong learner.

You’ve devoted years if not decades to honing your craft. But as you gain competency, you can also gain complacency. To maintain your edge, commit to becoming a lifelong learner in your profession or trade.

Add variety to your learning regimen. Become an expert in something you’re not. Pick something completely different than what you do most of the day. Wine making. Church art. Hip hop. Piano. I know a man who works on a barn full of 1980s computers. (And they work, too!)

Not enough time? Incorporate your newfound interest into your profession. I know a physician with an interest in welding. Last I checked, he was designing standing wheelchairs for the disabled.

Carve out some down time every day to read. Subscribe to a publication. Would you believe there is a magazine devoted just to pickleball? Get some books on your new interest. Start at 10 pages a day. Build up the habit to do it longer. Connect with like-minded individuals. If you can’t find a community, organize one.

Interests run their course. Once you have mastered it to your satisfaction, move on. There’s always something else you can learn.

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