Resiliency for the Healthcare Leader – What’s Your Superpower?

Do you know what your superpower is?

Knowing your value is crucial to the organization―and you.

It could be a sixth sense for sizing up job applicants in 30 seconds or less. Maybe it’s an uncanny knack for converting chaos into order. Perhaps it’s your boundless energy for advancing the perfect solution when all have lost hope. Whatever it is, make sure it is narrowly tailored, something only you can claim. The more unique for the situation the better.

Not that you are a one-trick pony. But knowing where you “spike the ball,” as Sandler says in his book, “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar,” gives you an edge over everyone else in the room.

How do you know what it is?

Here’s the trick. Don’t just ask yourself. You have too many preconceived ideas in that department. Ask for candid feedback from others. Teammates. Colleagues. Work associates. Your partner. They are the ones who observe you most in your natural habitat. Ask them what your superpower is. Sit back and listen. Sometimes a 360 evaluation is in order. You may be surprised what others can tell you about yourself.

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