The First 90 Days – Establish Early Wins

Establish Early Wins.

It’s one of the last things a leader in a new role considers, if at all. But securing early wins is important to ensure success.

Early wins are key to proving yourself. Early wins excite teams. They energize people. They build credibility.

Secure early wins. Avoid early losses. Create a virtuous cycle.

Do not aim for lofty wins. Go for the easy ones. Accomplish them quickly. Make them tangible.

You’ve brought fresh eyes into the organization. Perhaps you see something no one else does that might bring immediate improvement.

See a bottleneck? Eliminate it.

Find an old rule that no longer makes sense? Get rid of it.

When you get the win, talk about it. Show how it is a win for everyone. You may recognize a long festering problem. If you address it, it can be as though the sun has come out the first day in a long time.

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