An Introvert’s Guide to Networking (6 of 6)

When following up, use the rule of three: reach out three times, stop, move on.

You want an introduction. You need information, an online “like”, or a new job. Before you make that ask, wait some time after you offered your value.

Avoid the quid pro quo of an immediate ask. Give it some time.

Some say to wait up to a year. You be the judge.

When you do ask, follow the rule of three. Ask up to three times. Then stop. Move on. It’s easy to become offended when people don’t reciprocate. Don’t be. There are countless reasons why he hasn’t responded. He could be overwhelmed or not seen any of your messages. He could be ill. As Plato wrote, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Gently prune your network regularly. People change. So do their interests. If you have given them value and you have asked for help three times and they still don’t respond, stop. Move onto others who are more open to you and your message.

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